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Received 8-14-14:

Greetings F2Golf - I am leaving this testimonial for the Face Forward clubs as I have had them for several years now (More than 4). I first saw an infomercial and was sold when they test the wedge against the top 3 wedges on the swing machine - So I bought it. Then I bought the other 2 (52/56/60). I was so impressed that when they came out with the full iron set - I bought them too! So Did it Help? Well, I was dreaming of the day that I would get a "chip-in" and within a few months I had my first! As I sit here today, I've lost count of the total amount of "chip-ins" that I have had and many people comment on my short game. But the best was about 3 years ago in a tournament (unfortunately the hole wasn't insured for a car) I stepped up with my Face-Forward pitching wedge and on a 134yd par 3, I shot a Hole-in-one! I was a triple digit golfer before I started with the F2 clubs and had my best score to date of a 79! My game changed so much that after a visit one summer and using my clubs, my brother-in-law went home and purchased all 3 wedges! I can't say enough about these clubs! If you're hesitant because you think it's some kind of gimmick - Just get that out of your head, because these clubs are as real as it gets!! Get yourself a wedge and watch your short game come to life!

Thanks for such great products!!

- Sean K.

Received 5-6-13:

I have had the F2 56 degree wedge for about 5 months now and I have to say it has stopped me shanking (sorry about using that word!). Not only that but I had been prone to shanking wedges and even 9 irons but that is all behind me now. This club has made an enormous change to my golf and I am so delighted - thanks F2!


"Today, I’m going to introduce to you a new wedge design that will make it easier to hit shots from the fairway, the rough, or the sand. And, you’ll be able to open that club face wide open and hit those incredible soft lobs from around the green without ever even once thinking about hitting it in the hosel and hitting one of those dreaded shanks. With this radical, yet beautiful head design that gives you maximum spin from legal grooves. The new F2 wedge is a true innovation in wedge design. I believe for most golfers this new F2 wedge might just make every other wedge in golf obsolete."

– Andy North

"The new F2 Hybrids are some of the best on the market. I have tried Clevelands and TaylorMade's new hybrids and when i took the new F2 hybrid to the range to compare them, they perform as well if not better then the more expensive hybrids.  They are without a doubt a must own.  Thank you F2 for making these awesome hybrids.  They have gotten me out of tough lies and sketchy situations dozens of times now.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. -MW-

"The new F2 is a true breakthrough in wedge design. The hosel has been moved out of the way so grass or sand doesn’t grab it, closing down the face or forcing shots off line. In all conditions, hitting the new F2 SS is easier and more forgiving with maximum spin. You’ll hit crisper, more solid shots from the scoring zone, 100 yards in."

"The F2 wedge improved my game so much. I don’t shank. It’s a go-to club now."

"I’ve never had a club that was like the F2. I have not hit shots like that, that consistent, ever."

"It was a little awkward at first, but when I set it down and hit a few it was just natural. It felt really good, created a lot of spin. I would say by far, I want it in my bag right now. I love it!"

"Now we’re next to the green at the beautiful 16th hole on the South course at Talking Stick. This is a little bit of rough around the golf ball and in normal situations the way you have to play this shot is you have to open the clubface a little bit. But when you open the clubface on a normal, old-fashioned sand wedge all you see is hosel. It scares the heck out of you. But with the F2 wedge, now you can open up the club face . There’s no hosel in the way.

You can have a lot of confidence to go down after this ball with all the strength you want to, throw the clubface in there and you won’t have to worry about hitting that one that slips over here a little bit to the right. Club face open, back, through it, and you get it out of this tough situation fairly close, maybe even save a par. Check this out. You can instantly see the new F2 wedges have a radical and ingenious club head design. They’ve incorporated the dog-leg hosel, which gets the hosel out of the way of the ball, reducing drag through rough and sand.

You can see how the hosel’s been cut away, but yet looking down from above, it looks just like a normal wedge; a wedge you’ve played with your whole life. It looks terrific. Beautiful shaped club head. It gives you a lot of confidence. I know I can hit that close to the hole. Uhh, that’s money! I’ll tell you what, this new F2 wedge, it’s the terrific advantage.

You better try it. Without this, you’re giving shots away."

– Andy North


Well I've used my NEW & IMPROVED F2 Irons for 5 rounds of golf and I cannot say enough how much I've enjoyed them. The difference in the lie of the club (2.5 Up) made a big difference. Thank You very much.

Word of mouth is the best advertisement and I take every chance I get to expound on the quality etc of the F2s.

Respectfully Yours,

Raymond M.


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